dimanche 2 octobre 2016

RoonSehv Experimentaliis - Demo

Hi everybody !!

If you want to try the demo of our new project, it's this:
or http://gamejolt.com/games/roonsehv-experimentaliis/194271 

If you have a problem for launch the game, please go on this folder:
and install the redist files: UE4PrereqSetup_x86.exe
it is simply to install all the necessary files for the proper functioning of the demo!


WARNING, it is the direct sequel of RoonSehv: NeTerra, if you have not played yet, So I suggest you to go finish it before.

We switched on the Unreal Engine 4, so more modern and probably more hungry PC configuration!

but I tried to keep a close visual graphic on NeTerra and a level of detail (polygons) identical !

We are interested by your feedback, and especially to know the following:

- The configuration of your computer
- Know if the game turned out well or not
- What graphical and what resolutions (change in the options)
- Did you touch brightness and / or the speed of the mouse (change in the options)?
- And finally, the average FPS of your ride? (The "F" key displays the FPS in the game)

If questions or problems, feel free to leave me a message

and I wait your comments: denis.martin361@gmail.com

Have fun !
a bientôt =)

2 commentaires:

  1. Hi
    Thanks again for you hard work with another game.
    Works great on VISTA32
    Can't get it to start on either WIN10 32 or 64.
    Tried Win Compatability etc and all UE4PrereqSetup_x86.exe
    Any help to get it working please ad to your posts above
    Many thanks

  2. Sorry, I didin't check the FPS, but I have a fairly new PC and it worked great. I played in a window, 1360x768 resolution, Epic quality.
    I didn't change mouse speed or brightness.
    My OS is Windows 10, I had no problems starting it up.
    The only trouble I had is that I found no logic in the order the symbols had to be inserted, or the green/pink connection. :P