mardi 22 octobre 2013

Following the level: the cave

I work on the second part of the level: the cave.

 (it's not a spoiler, it's not the definitive command of puzzle)

there will be a second puzzle !

i start to make static meshs too with 3dsMax, and tutorials for export, it's difficult for moment !!

jeudi 17 octobre 2013

Obduction (Cyan futur game)

this is it!
Cyan (the creators of Myst) finally revealed their project here: Obduction !

i have already paid for have this game in october !!! 2015 !!!

ok, I do not hope to achieve such a beautiful game ...
but in the meantime, it'll be good! haha

go read the kickstarter :) and maybe help cyan to make this game !
babye =)

dimanche 13 octobre 2013

Precise crosshair for activate objects

For few months, I looked for a solution to achieve a very precise "crosshair" to click on objects, with the aim to make puzzles with codes and other actions.
For a moment I thought it was not possible to be precise!

then I tried:
the "Trigger" in the UDK program is not very precise, if two triggers are side by side, so sometimes, it clicked the wrong object ...

It was John, one of the creators of XING, which gave me the basic idea of ​​"trace"...

I've been thinking and reading about how "trace" of the UDK.

The "trace" is a system that sends a "trace" between 2 points ... as an invisible laser.
And if an object crosses the trace, then you can activate an action!

But... how to send a trace between the eyes of the player, and the crosshair?

I attached an invisible object (3D viewfinder) to the player, and I positioned at a constant distance.
I made ​​him do a rotation relative to the player, remaining at the same constant distance.

It's work... just for horizontal rotation !! if i look up or down, the invisible object don't follow my regard...

Vertical problem ?
i need a new kismet nodes for the "pitch" position of my eyes, i have search on the net, and find that: GetPitch (thanks you to maker !!!)

With GetPitch, we have the degres pitch but it's a UDK units: 0 UUD (0°) to 65536 UUD (360°)

the "player eyes" stop to 0 to 12000 (up) and 65536 to 55535 (down).

Ok... i have the pitch, but it does not move my 3D viewfinder... for that i have search an others things... I used mathematics !!

for a constant distance: r (radius of a circle),
with an angle in degrees : d
cos (d) = X / r or X = r * cos (d)
sin (d) = Y / r or Y = r * sin (d)

with this new information, i can calculate with kismet the position of my 3D viewfinder in the space !

The result :

thank you for reading!
and soon to other methods

dimanche 6 octobre 2013

Game Informations

Edit: Version Française

Next to D’ni, a place both brutal and dark, RoonSehv was a haven of peace. Far from politics, and from squabbling guilds, RoonSehv was a place of peace where scholars, thirsty for knowledge were always pushing the limit of what was possible.
With the sun so far away from this Age, it was a dark place but yet, somehow, its atmosphere felt incredibly light… D’ni at the surface? Could it be?
Ri’Jame – Year 9309

With roots dating back to 2004
I started the project in 2004. Back then, I was hoping to create it frame by frame. I already had my layout: based in the Myst universe, a parallel story of Atrus and his family.

I worked on dozens of low-resolution 3D frames and created, to the best of my availability, 2 new songs. I created my first enigma (which was later refined later versions).

Unfortunately, I felt as though the results did not match up with the time and effort I had invested, and I put the project on hold...

… to 2013.
I picked up the project again in 2013.

I scoured the internet for available and free software and found 3: UDK, CryEngine and Unity.

If UDK was the oldest of the three, it had many tutorials, more objects and support, and was easier to manage. 
Working with UDK, I was pleased to find that not only was the creation of a level very fast, with the added Kismet programming the software could deliver pretty much everything I could envision in my mind.

It was incredible to see how far I had progressed in only a few months’ time!

Reaching the desert
Much like Uru, the cavern leading to the Book of D’ni can be found in the desert. I believe this location makes it very discreet, and only few humans will have traveled this far. 

Few, and yet… here you are, lost in the desert. Endless sandstorms have you walking blindly in the desert. With no sense of direction, you were walking helplessly when, all of a sudden, the ground opened up beneath you and you fell into darkness.

From this moment on, anything you though you knew, down to the way you perceive the world, will be called into question.

This project has multiple aims. First, I wish to create more adventures for the fans of Myst and to expand on the mysteries of this fantastical universe created by Cyan.

Second, this is also a way to familiarize myself with the UDK software. This type of software has contributed to such incredible games such as Unreal Tournament, Mass Effect and, more recently Bioshock Infinite, and will continue to inspire games to come (notably Xing and Obduction). UDK is limited by only your imagination.

And yet, I hope to keep my first game simple enough. For this first endeavor, I will limit myself to an FPP game with a restricted number of menus and icons, only enough to solve the quest. My understanding of the software will grow the more I use it, but for now I will create simple graphics to go along with my quest.

Although very basic, I do hope to complete a full story complete with a couple of riddles (which will force the player to pay close attention to the world around him), backgrounds, sound effects and music. 

The Means
At the begining, alone, and with the help of tutorials, creating this game has been no easy task. I work full-time and can only get a couple of hours in after work, or on weekends. Restricted by both time and my own limited knowledge of the software, I recognize that development of the game has been a little slow. Still, with every difficulty encountered I learn a little bit more about the software.

For the curious, I work with the following specs:
-         PC Intel i5-2500K, 3.30GHz, 8 Gbram, Windows 7 64bits
-         UDK, July 2013 edition
-         Blender, the 2.69 version
-         Sketchup, Gimp and Vectorian Giotto

Quickly, my team came to help me! More information here:

Completely free
This game is a labor of love and is free to play. Using free and licensed software, I have created the objects, sounds and textures used in the game. Should many more people become interested in te game, I hope to make it available once complete. Until then, this blog serves both as a journal of the progress so far, and as a memo. 

Music is the most challenging aspect for me. Although I greatly enjoy listening to it, my music skills are fairly limited and creating soundtracks (even minimal ones) seems out of my league.
Also alone, at the beginning, the result is now here: using Piboc!


So that’s the story of the game! If you wish to get in touché with me (for questions, collaborations, or just to show your support) you can do so at my address
You can also leave a comment on the blog to let me know what you think!

See you soon!

Twitter: @prom361

vendredi 4 octobre 2013

First Pictures...

here, the first pictures i have make for my game !

the tree, the water, no grass for moment...

i add a tomb, plants and grass too.

i use lot of static mesh in the UDK editor... i have no time for make my static mesh (for moment)

jeudi 3 octobre 2013

Find UDK tutorials in YouTube

First step in learning:

i have look
- 3D Buzz Video Tutorials:

- XstreamTechOfficial YouTube videos:

- and in french: Meletou1 YouTube videos:

Good luck, these are the basics to know the power of the program!

mercredi 2 octobre 2013

2004 to 2013...

In 2004... my first test with 3dsmax
 i have make many pictures, and musics...

the same picture today with UDK:

i restart this project, it's more simple and more fast with UDK !
i can program too without others programs !

Opening a blog!

I decided to open a blog about making a video game!
It is a FPP in the world of Myst (which I'm a big fan).

I wanted to train myself to use the UDK. What better way to do that than to create a video game?

of course, this is just for fun and to pass the time. I have absolutely no purpose to sell or make money on it!
Just learn, give ideas, show techniques, interesting tutorials, and other things.

I do not know if there will be several levels, or even if I'll finish it.

A très bientôt ! et merci à tous