lundi 22 juin 2015

GOLD v2 : New version : English, German and Italian

Edit: Version Française
Gold v3 (English)

Hello everyone !!

It’s with great pleasure that my team and I offer you the new download link for our English, German and Italian version of our game: RoonSehv: NeTerra !

Just click on the following link:

You can then click on the red image: "Download Now!"

A pop-up window will appear…
Wait, the download should run itself.

If nothing happens after the appearance of the pop-up.
There is a message above:
"Click to download RoonSehv_v2_FR-ENG-GER-ITA_Setup.exe if it doesn't start automatically or try another mirror."

Either you click on « RoonSehv_v2_FR-ENG-GER-ITA_Setup.exe » or you try with the « mirror »

If that does not work, please send me a message!

This is an executable file.
It will automatically install the game (and all its components) on your computer.

In order to operate the save system (which is dependent on the game directory), you cannot change the destination directory, the game will be installed in the following directory: C:\UDK\RoonSehv

Once installed, a new icon on your desktop! Have fun!

Edit: if you have a problem, with file miss or error after start the game, please install this redist file here: C:
For update your direct-X 9.0c and Visual Basic 2010

What’s new ?
For non-French who have already tried / installed the first version of RoonSehv, know that saves should still function normally!
You will now have the opportunity to choose the language of the game.
In the advanced options, in the game you can also set the brightness and the mouse speed.
In addition, we added a color help option for color-blind.

Questions & Messages:
If you wish to contact us, thank you send me a mail:
I would follow to the team with pleasure!

I wanted to thank deeply the assistance provided by all my team!

Piboc, for his musical compositions, I hope you will enjoy!
And for his always cheerful and contagious humor!
A bit also for his jokes…
Do not forget to go see his game at him:

Akel, for its arts concept! For these 3D meshes ! For his help and very good advice!
And for these lot of test returns!
A bit also for his jokes…
Do not forget to go see his website:

RicKy, for his support! For these 2D designs ! Its menu is beautiful and effective! For his speed too!
He, too, made jokes… so thank you for that… a little…
Here, his website:

Ciznan, for his serious! Finally a serious… and these writings!
I’m sure all the players will appreciate… if they can find them!
But I know they are here, and they are vital to RoonSehv! Thank you for that.

Nycoo, for his fresh eye and his advice! For supporting me from the beginning (before anyone else) and have forced motivated me to finish!

And finally, OceanDeep: which endure my long evenings and weekend non-stop work ! But also my happiness to have found solutions!

Special thanks:
Thank you to Rombret ( for his help and logo!

Thank you to Simon ( for his unfailing support! And for his advice!

Thank you to Cyan Worlds for their support!

Thank you to Myst Community! For their messages and encouragements!
At all people who share free their expertise, their advice and equipment: textures, meshes, sounds, etc. etc. You are unfortunately few, so I wanted to thank you very much!! 

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  1. Hello i ‘m Anna. I read your blog, this is very helpful for my English German test related. I hope you share next Article very soon.