lundi 9 juin 2014

We need help with UDK Save System

Hello everyone!

We always work hard head on the save system!
Unfortunately, the tests are not very conclusive ...
There is still a bug that slips into the case ... and keeps me going as I want!

I studied two systems:

This is a system that allows you to save all variables via Kismet!
It is excellent and very complete! and it does not affect our game files Info

But the big problem: it is quite complicated to save all variables in a game like RoonSehv (all buttons, all puzzles, etc.)

the "official" system UDK ...
very good system too, it saves almost everything (despite bugs in animations):
- The position of the player
- Animations
- All kismet
- And even physical objects

The problem: it dramatically changes the File Info of the game! It needs its own file info!
So I have come to merge MY RoonSehv info file with the backup system ...
My knowledge of scripts, do not allow it ... so I'm stuck here too!

If you have ideas, and you want to help us solve this problem, our door is open with great pleasure, you can leave us a message:

Thanking you in advance!
And wishing you a good week!

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